2013 Plans

There are many exciting things that are going to happen this year – I just know it. Actually I think alot of people do! 2013 is going to be a goodin’!

Kieran and I are getting a plan together about where we want to travel once I have graduated University. So far…

Munich for the end of Oktoberfest, then onto Canada for snowboarding and working! Being a student, I’m trying to save as much as possible, but it is hard. I plan to work in Canada waitressing, (hopefully I can get a visa!!) which will help fund the second leg of our journey….

We really want to explore South America, and some of the States. So far we have San Fransico, New York and Florida are on the list, but I keep finding and reading awesome blogs that make the list grow.

We have now idea who we are going to meet in Canada (or Germany!), which is a really exciting part of our trip. I love having this sense of freedom with our travel that gives us the option to chop and change, keep things open and just go with the flow, man.

I havn’t explored that much of New Zealand yet unfortunately, and most of what I have done has only happened in the last 4-5 years.

Here are some photos I took when I went to visit my sister in Waikanae on the weekend (you can read about that here). Waikanae is on the West Coast of New Zealand which has a reputation for being a very ruff and rugged, bad-ass type-of-a coast.


Te Horo









As you maaaay be able to tell, I was experimenting with what I called “the far away and close up blurry stuff”, but my clever clogs of a sister informed it’s actually called Depth of Field. I’m quite fond of the last picture, might see if I can put it on a canvas.

If you have any helpful hints on traveling, or places and things to go and see in the countries I mentioned (or maybe didnt…) I’d love and appreciate your advice!

Happy Tuesday to you.



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