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I dont know about you, but I am surrounded by creative people that are constantly inspiring me. For about a year now Ive been battling with the desire to start my own custom design art and furniture company with my dad. We have always talked about it, but it always seemed like a dream, something that probably wouldnt eventuate into anything. Mostly because being a poor student I can never really get enough money together to make any really good prototypes, nor can I find the time!! Dont ask why…. its not even like I work alot!!
Excuses, excuses….

But no more!! I find inspiration at the randomest times (like driving home after dinner at my girlfriends last night), & thought I reeeeeeeally need to make this!! (“This” being something you will have to wait and see what!!)

So, this is me being proactive and getting off my lazy butt and using the time I do have productively! Lets hope it lasts…  


Ive just got home from one of my faaaaaav shops – Bunnings Warehouse! Yes, feel free to laugh, but this place is a DIY-er’s, craft nerds heaven!! I could spend hours, and hundreds of dollars in that shop, from their nails, to their power tools, to their paint….ohh…  *homer drool….

Er, anyways… I am super excited also about the metallics and special effects paint from Resene – so cool.

I bought ‘infinity’ & ‘goldmine’ and am hopefully going to create a work of art with them!

Ive been feeling very inspired by all the metallic accents that are coming through in the fashion and interior design world at the moment. One thing I find my mind keeps thinking back to is this amazing metallic light shade which Lucy and saw when we were out being inspired on the Urbis Design Day


ECC lighting

I just think they are the bees-knees! Online is a treasure trove of motivational madness for me. This morning for instance I came across this neat website which sells awesome homewares (Gretel), and that was through reading someone elses blog (this one: Design Love Fest, is a MUST read). Whenever I am in need of some inspiration, I go for a blog surf and see what sparks of creativness I can summon up!

I cant wait to share my creation with you once it is done, and hopefully I will continue to be motivated and inspired by all the wonderful, creative people I have surrounded myself with. I hope you also have cool creative nerds and supportive peeps that keep you inspired!




Nothin like a delicious warm bicky fresh out of the oven and a cuppa tea after a long hard day!


This was a super easy recipe that I just found through google, but modified it to 1) save me dishes because we dont have a dishwasher, and 2) I dont have golden syrup.
Instead, I substituted the golden syrup for a teaspoon(ish) of brown sugar. And because I like brown sugar more than white (not that I’m a hater), I used 1/2 cup of brown and 1/2 cup of white, instead of a whole cup of white, just to switch things up a bit.

Heres my Rhi-vamped version:

○1 cup all purpose flour
○1 cup oats
○1 cup of sugar
○75g butter
○1 tablespoon milk
○little bit extra of brown sugar

What to do:
Pre heat oven to 180ºC
Sift the flour into a bowl. Add the oats and sugar. Now melt the butter in the microwave for 20 seconds, take it out, add the milk and sugar and melt for another 10-15seconds.

Mix. Pour the butter mix into the dry ingrediants and stir well.
Line a baking tray, I used a re-usable silicon baking mat but you can also use baking paper, and then spoon out the mix, roll into balls and place on the tray.

Bake for 10-15mins or until slightly golden.
Try and resist eating them for at least 5mins while they cool…. then scoff them all!!

The reason I wanted needed a little sweet treat tonight with my tea was because I worked hard all afternoon making roman blinds for my bedroom, only took me 4months to get around to doing! I hate to think how well our neighbours know us…

Heres a sneak peek:


I’ll be posting a tutorial on how to make them, so y’all come back now, ya hear!


I love those days when you have nothing to do. Im still on holiday from uni and have not really been doing very much all year, but today, the stars alligned, and I had an amazing crafty, op-shoppy day! Its been awhile since I last stepped foot in an Op Shop. I’m really saving hard out this year as Kieran and I are planning on leaving New Zealand in October to travel the world and explore! Very exciting. Excellent motivation to save, as everytime I want to buy a coffee or go out to lunch, I stop and ask myself “do you really want this? Or…. do you want a Tortilla in Mexico, or a coffee in Paris, or some street food in South America?”  Its usually the later.

I did need a few things from the Op Shop today tho and I finally found a large frame in there that wasn’t over $20! Normally when I see a frame I like they’re rather expensive, especially considering whats on them.

I found this “lovely” Claude Monet, perfect for the new pin board I need, that will help me keep track of travel plans and savings goals.

I also finally got around to finishing off my paint chart art that I’ve been working on for awhile now. It’s no secret I love skulls, and thanks to the help of my genius Graphic Designer friend Lucy, I’ve managed to get the skull just right I think. (Check out her amaaaazing blog @

These drawers used to belong to my Poppa, and because the cheap ones I bought off One-Day finally gave up working, I grabbed them back off my mum and did them up. I’m really pleased with how they turned out.

Alot of elbow grease went into making these bad boys look nice. My lovely man bought me my own spray gun to use with his compressor (FUN!!), so I sanded, sanded, sanded some more, than sprayed them up to give them a more modern look.  I think Poppa would be proud!








I have found some amazing blogs over the past few weeks that have inspired me so much lately to get off my butt and do something with the creative juices buzzing through me. I hope this blog can do the same! – Happy Crafting –


It’s not long to go now until we start moving into our lovely new home, and I’m getting SO excited! The theme for bedroom is chosen and I feel like I have kept myself very restrained in buying items to it decorate with. There is a lot of DIY things that I have planned for the new pad, such as tin pencil pots made from old cans, some chairs that need a spruce up with a fresh lick of spray paint and painting an amazing trestle table desk that my clever dad made me, just to name a few…

Today the craft juices are flowing and I couldn’t put off making these cute little decorations that I’ve been meaning to for a while, yet again. I could however put off those impending assignments and get my craft on! These nifty things were so easy and the instructions that I stumbled upon on Pinterest were incredible easy so follow. I love the heart book mark because it’s such cute way to use up those little scraps of felt that you would otherwise just throw away. And the little baubles are such an effect way to decorate a kid’s bedroom, hang or put in glass vase to add a pop of colour to a room. I’ve made these to match to the colour scheme of my new bedroom. I think they would also make great Christmas decorations in red, green and white, and hung on the tree or on the front door as an alternative to a wreath.

Hope you’ve got some inspiration to go and get crafty with some felt (or anything really!). I still have lots of crafty juices flowing, so keep tuned in to see what other mischief I get up to before move in day!

Peace & Love


There comes a time every year when the in-organic collections come around, and the streets start to pile up with all the bits and bobs some people think are rubbish, because as we all know, one man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure!

I remember when I was a kid, the in-organics where like an early Christmas. My sister and I would wander the streets riffling through other people’s trash to see what goodies would be waiting for us. I know that sounds rather disgusting, but I guess that’s partly where my love of op-shopping comes from. Some people throw away such awesome things that I would actually pay money for, but with the in-organics, it’s free!

Last year the in-organics came at the perfect time, as Kieran, our flatmates and I were all moving out of our old flat, so it was a super easy way to get rid of all the things that had piled up downstairs in the garage. This year they also came at a great time, as Kieran has just bought a house and there was A LOT of rubbish left in the property. There were key holders on the walls, mirrors in the bedrooms, a card purse with 5 credit and eftpos cards in it, a weird 3D monkey sucking its thumb poster in the toilet, and even a trampoline!! Pretty happy about this last item as I’m sure my niece will love to bounce on it with me when she comes around for visits.

I was very contained this year and didn’t even go looking through the rubbish, but one thing did catch my eye as I was driving up my street one day. I LOVE having fresh herbs in my kitchen. Not only are they delicious to cook with but I love the lively green touch they add to the decor of a place. I’ve been wanting a really funky herb planter box, or some cool little buckets to pop my herbs into for the window sill and saw the potential that this old wooden thing had

This is what it looks like now:

I’ve already taken this up to the new house, even tho we havn’t even painted the kitchen yet! We have a lovely window box in the kitchen and I think it looks right at home there, brightening up the space and making it smell minty and basil-y fresh (my corriander has gone to seed unfortuantely) !

I found this mirror that looked a little worse for wear in the throw out pile. Kieran, much to my delight, has allowed me to choose the colours for our bedroom. I have chosen my favourtie colour yellow to accent the room with as I already have a yellow cusion, and I am going to be up-cycling some old 70’s chair with some yellow spray paint and one of these will be put in our bedroom. The carpet is going to be a dark charcoal blackish colour and I’m having a feature wall the same colour as the planter box, with the rest of the walls a much (much) lighter version of that blue. I decided that with a a good clean and a fresh coat of yellow paint this old mirror would look perfect in our room above my set of draws.  What do you think of my up-cycling?

SO much elbow grease has gone into the new place all ready that I just can’t wait to sit down on the sofa in our sunny lounge, with a nice hot coffee, a full battery on my laptop and start planning what craft projects I can now make for our new home, from the hundreds of pins I’ve already saved on Pinterest!!

I can’t wait to add more posts of the up-cycled and one or two new items I might allow myself to buy for the new place, I’ll keep you posted!

Peace & Love


Well the holidays are over and I am back at uni, and as Murphy’s Law would have it, all my creative ideas and inspiration have started to sporadically flow into my head. I went for a quick Op Shop Stop on the way home yesterday and found some beautiful goodies!


I love the colours of the cup and cushion and think they go so well with the peachy-pink colour. I think this cushion is neat, but would like to up-cycle it in some way… any ideas?

I have used some of it to decorate my hot water bottle as you can see, although I still want to finish this cover by ‘quilting’ it with stitching in a teal thread.

Since it was sounding more like a tractor than a sewing machine, I finally took my sewing machine in to have a clean and service. This great old guy in Glenfield did it for me for $120 and now it ‘singer’s like a bird! Bit of sewing machine humour there…  I found the guarantee in its box yesterday and my mum brought this sewing machine back in 1991.  She gave me the sewing machine and an over locker for my 22nd birthday 2 years ago, and as you can imagine I was SUPER happy!

During my school years I loved sewing and would often spend hours in my room making clothes that were similar to a certain fashionista/rock star called Gwen Steffani. I loved her different, edgy, punky look (as well as her music), and learnt a lot through trial and error. I had some training in high school because I took Soft Materials all the way through school, and that has given me a good basis to understand how to work with fabric. I am by no means amazing at sewing and often make mistakes, but I always learn from them and try to only make them once!

Now my machine is working well and not sounding like its sick, I hope to be sewing a lot more. The only barrier standing in my way is uni work, and unfortunately this is kind of a high priority! I am finally in my third year now and can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I hope to be showing you all lots of new crafty bits and bobs I have made, but I will be fitting them in in-between assignments and practicum (which will be down in Hastings for 5 weeks), hopefully they are not too few and far between!

Peace & Love

Hello world!

Normally I am at uni for only two days a week but I have been doing a block course recently and have been there 9-4 everyday…I’m knackered!!  I have been missing my free time and so I am sorry my blogs have been rather sporadic. When I begin uni in March, I will try and get into more of a routine. This will give me a creative outlet where I can write about fun things too, not just essays,  which will be good for my mental state!

I did have a lot of free time to myself over the recent long weekend which was much needed after a very long week taking in the workings of Steiner in my course. I have enjoyed the course immensely and am so pleased that I have decided to specialise in this style of teaching. I am even more excited to go away to Motueka (top of the South Island for those who are geographically challenged) in March for four weeks to really see how everything works with my own eyes. Motueka Steiner Primary School has 55 children and is apparently lovely, so I’m sure it’s going to be an amazing experience!

Learning Steiner has really bought out the craft geek in me and over the long weekend I made a few things:

I found an AMAZING blog ( where this incredibly talented woman shows you how to make really neat things! I made the rose using her tutorial and it was sooo easy and straight forward. The techniques she teaches are so helpful and can be applied to other items, which I love.  These are step-by-step photos for Errol the Elephant I made:

I went to the Titirangi Markets on Sunday and had a great time there with a new friend I have made from my Steiner course. I found another neat old book that I plan to give a new life to (I will keep you posted). Here is a sneak peek of the cover and one of the pages…love the old colours and hows it’s all layed out.

Here are also some pics of the markets, so you can get a feel of it for yourself!

Walking back to the car we saw the last FOUND photo. I don’t know how on earth you go out with a sewing machine and then forget you’re carrying one around with you…thought it was a bit funny!

You may have noticed that the Elephant looks familiar… I always try and give credit where due, because I think it’s stink to steal ideas and say their yours, when they’re not; and as you can see I’ve pretty much copied that Eley identically. For only $25-29 I think they were a very reasonable price, yet I still love trying and creating things for myself. I have also seen these at the Matakana markets so if you aren’t crafty inclined, then head out to either one of the markets to pick one up, they are super cute and looked really well made. And if you’re the person that made them, I hope you’re taking it as a complement on how much I admire your work! (and not mad at me for being a cheapskate!)

Enjoy this coming long weekend (again!!) and I hope that it’s good weather.

Bye for now