This blog was created by a 23 year old Kiwi girl called Rhi. She enjoys eating and cooking delicious food, accompanied by even more delicious wine, spending time with her family (see below), sewing, being crafty, and oh, eating some more. You could say she has a slight obsession with food, but since her gorgeous niece came on the scene 7 months ago, food has a bit of competition now.

She also takes delight in reading, watching movies, being at the beach, fishing with her dad on Dodger, eating fresh veges from her mums amazing garden, running (usually to get to food first), spending time with her sister Nikki (mum of Madeleine aka Moo-Moo), OP-SHOPPING (she likes this a lot/another slight addiction) and sleeping.

She has had glasses since the age of 9, when she only needed them to see the white board, but got progressively blinder, and now needs them 27/4. This didn’t bother her back then, as she was madly in love with Harry Potter and her first frames were just like his. She now has two funky pairs of glasses but wears contacts most days. One day she hopes to get Lasik eye surgery.

She got her train tracks last year in July after having four teeth excoriatingly pulled out (1 bugger of a tooth took 45mins!!). This lead to a bit of weight loss after not being able to eat properly for about 1.5 months, so she promptly but it back on by eating 2 slices of chocolate cake a day for 2 weeks. She still has difficulty eating some things, but is pretty much back to normal.


The cast of Rhi’s life includes:

Kieran – her amazing partner/love of her life (here’s some wine to go with that cheese), and wonderful supporter of her cooking. Loves it most when she cooks him a good piece of steak with potato gratin.

Nikki – best big sister a gal could ask for. Always there for her when she needs it and shares her love of yummy food, along with good sisterly advice. Also the best mum that Moo-Moo could ask for.

Moo-Moo – Madeleine is Nikki and Ben’s first child and my niece. She often makes me think of ‘Despicable Me’  “It’s so fluffy I’m gonna dieeeeee!!!”( change the fluffy to cute tho). She is too gorgeous to describe in words sorry.

Pops – her dad. An amazing fisherman, gardener (although he now lives on his boat), chess player, best friend and Poppa. All round the best dad and nicest guy she knows.

Mum or Ma – her mum. Also her mentor and confidant, she is an incredible woman that Rhi inspires to be like.

Fay – Real name Antonia. ‘Fay’ was given to her at Rhi’s 16th birthday by a mutual friend that thought her English accent was fake, and decided to call her Fay from then on. She is an amazing best friend and Rhi’s life is all the richer for her being in it.

More to follow as the posts get posted…



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