Im surrounded!!

I dont know about you, but I am surrounded by creative people that are constantly inspiring me. For about a year now Ive been battling with the desire to start my own custom design art and furniture company with my dad. We have always talked about it, but it always seemed like a dream, something that probably wouldnt eventuate into anything. Mostly because being a poor student I can never really get enough money together to make any really good prototypes, nor can I find the time!! Dont ask why…. its not even like I work alot!!
Excuses, excuses….

But no more!! I find inspiration at the randomest times (like driving home after dinner at my girlfriends last night), & thought I reeeeeeeally need to make this!! (“This” being something you will have to wait and see what!!)

So, this is me being proactive and getting off my lazy butt and using the time I do have productively! Lets hope it lasts…  


Ive just got home from one of my faaaaaav shops – Bunnings Warehouse! Yes, feel free to laugh, but this place is a DIY-er’s, craft nerds heaven!! I could spend hours, and hundreds of dollars in that shop, from their nails, to their power tools, to their paint….ohh…  *homer drool….

Er, anyways… I am super excited also about the metallics and special effects paint from Resene – so cool.

I bought ‘infinity’ & ‘goldmine’ and am hopefully going to create a work of art with them!

Ive been feeling very inspired by all the metallic accents that are coming through in the fashion and interior design world at the moment. One thing I find my mind keeps thinking back to is this amazing metallic light shade which Lucy and saw when we were out being inspired on the Urbis Design Day


ECC lighting

I just think they are the bees-knees! Online is a treasure trove of motivational madness for me. This morning for instance I came across this neat website which sells awesome homewares (Gretel), and that was through reading someone elses blog (this one: Design Love Fest, is a MUST read). Whenever I am in need of some inspiration, I go for a blog surf and see what sparks of creativness I can summon up!

I cant wait to share my creation with you once it is done, and hopefully I will continue to be motivated and inspired by all the wonderful, creative people I have surrounded myself with. I hope you also have cool creative nerds and supportive peeps that keep you inspired!



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  1. Oooh I can’t wait to see what you’ve got cookin’ up, clever sausage!

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