Last night I took my sister out for a wine and dessert after we had some yummy home-made pizzas for dinner. It’s her birthday on Monday and unfortunately I wont be down with her still, so we celebrated a little early!

My lovely mama gave me some money so I could take her out as the ever frustrating Studylink has mucked up yet another persons pay…me!! But thats a whole other rant…

We went to gorgeous restaurant and cafe called Waimea which is in Waikanae. Its a converted house, so it has a very relaxing feeling as soon as you walk in, just like you’ve gone round to a mates place for dinner. Its got a funky retro decor and beautiful palm trees in it which give a cool beach vibe. Not to sound weird tho, my favourite room was the toilet. I’ll show you why…


Hows that for kiwi ingenuity!! I LOVE this sink idea! Probably wouldnt work too well in a house situation, imagine trying to fill that bucket up and wash your face! It is done so well though, theres a drain that emptys the bucket and runs through the cinder blocks. And the toilet roll holder…well, that speaks for itself!


This was the Whittakers Chocolate Ganache slice with white chocolate and strawberries soaked in Pinot Noir that I had for pudding. It. Was. Heavenly. All the components worked so well together, rich decadent  chocolate with fresh moist strawberries that have a deep wine after taste…amazing.



If your in the area, Id definitely recommend you pop in for a meal! Happy Mothers Day to all the mamas out there. Hope you’ve had a great weekend, until next time.



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