Mint is everywhere at the moment!! Everyones blog has some reference to it, whether it be in fashion for the home or body – and I love it! Its such a lovely colour that goes with loads of others, including my fav…Tan!

I recently bought this delicious jumper/shrug/cardi thing, that I feel has completed my in-between wardrobe. You know the one, where youre warm, but still a bit cool, but too hot for a proper jumper..confusing!! This ‘thing’ is perfect, and what I love about it is that its actually like wearing a blanket! You can snuggle up on the couch with it, wrap it around your self and thoroughly enjoy that cuppa tea you just made yourself!


What do you think of the tan and mint combo?


For my mani I used Orly “Girly” & Ruby “Minty” … opps, just realied that I took my OPI “Princesses Rule!” In the photo! They literally have the same effect so you could use either. My sister got me the Minty for my birthday, I love it!!

True to my new goal of sharing fabulous blogs with you all, here is my pick of cool blog  (click here), where the creator Laurel has chosen some fab fashion items that are all, you guessed it – Mint!!




The weekend just gone was certainly one full of two things I love – friends and freebies!! My good friend Lucy and I attended the Urbis Design Day on Saturday just gone, and because we were both Design Day virgins, we both had no idea what to expect. I had been offered some work for the same day in the afternoon and thought surely 2 hours would be enough to get around and explore all that this day had to offer…. luckily the work was cancelled because boy, it took aloooot longer than anticipated, and I certainly wouldnt want to have rushed it!!

We started off the eventful day at the Mini Cooper shop in Newmarket, and was greeted with a free sandwich and drink (darn, wish I hadnt just bought that muffin and coffee!). We explored their creative displays which showcased their minis and brought new light to why each mini is special, and how you might see yourself in them. A great start to the day.


We then got shuttled off to the next exhibit at ECC lighting and furniture, where I was in lighting heaven. More pretty, unusual and ginormous lighting than you could shake a stick at! Here they had free Nespresso coffee on offer and the most delicious organic NZ icecream you could ask for – oob!! (I’ll take an extra one for later thanks…)



Now I was all jacked up on my second coffee of the day, off to the next place! We visited a bathroom show room, which aside from the free cheese didnt really standout and offer us anything too exciting, so into the shuttle and onto the next stop – Bo Concept.

This place was fuuuun! They had free wine, George fm cranking live and get this: a section that had a rack of top-of-the-line designer clothes, models, shoes and accessories and you got to design your own photo shoot where a professional photographer then took shots in a little photoshoot and gave you a copy of it!! Heaven!! Aside from the rather pushy stylist that was there (trying) to give direction, it was awesome, and such a brilliant idea.


After this one, we went up to Parnell and saw some of David Trubridge’s stunning lighting fixtures, which are always a pleasure to look at. He hails from one of my favourite places in my beautiful country, Havelock North. I love how his designs have such a natural look about them, yet have a really sophisticated and modern effect when dangling from the ceiling. After viewing these at Backhouse, we then jumped on the shuttle again which took us to our next destination where we went through a little maze to figure out what type of font we would be.


What font are you?

After so many eye catching and creative displays around, my eyes needed a wee rest after they had been so deliciously stimulated all day! Lucy and I had a wonderful day out together and were both thoroughly surprised at how amazingly well thought out and put together this event was. We would totally recommend it for next year!



P.S. check out Urbis Magazine here, well worth a look!

But…you only live once! And if you think I’m going to write that awful abreviation for it that people are going around saying, wearing on tee-shirts and whatnot, your completly bonkers! But it’s ture anyhow, and with our up-coming trip (flashback here!), it’s really making me appreciate things alot more, as soon we are going to be veeeery far away from all our family and alot of our friends (although quite a few will probably be in Europe still by the time we get there..).

I havn’t traveled very far before, or for long periods of time, so this whole travling business is very new too me. And boy is there alot to learn!! Visa’s, shots, the right back pack, what to put in that back pack… the mind boggles… which brings me to the point of my post today. I’m really not a materialistic person, but knowing that I’m leaving and am only going to be able to take certain items of clothing with me is making me sad, as I know I’m going to miss my clothes.  Wow, such a dilema!! (sarcasim)  I know, Pathetic right?!

I have had alot of friends that have travelled extensively, and they have kindly informed me that I have nothing to worry about. (Dramatic “Phew”)  Apparently when you travel you dont care what you look like, or so they say. I can get this though, I mean Fay has traveled all through the Middle East and Africa on a Contiki, and said you might only get one decent shower in a week, so you’ll go in, in all your under garments, and do a double whammy, clean yourself and your clothes. Then you might let them dry on your backpack while walking around all day… sounds good to me! 

Being a nanny, I really don’t dress up for work. I have two amazing families I work for and they age from 5-11. I only work 2hours in the mornings doing the school drop off with my 5&6 yro, so that really only requires me to get changed out of my pyjamas, and I love doing crafty stuff, playing games or bouncing on the tramp with my 8&11yro, so with them I normally wear comfy clothes like shorts and a singlet or tee. As you can see, my day-to-day style is pretty low-key and pretty boring!

But thats ok, because when there is an occasion to dress up, I reeeally enjoy it. I’ve kinda always felt that getting dressed is abit like playing dress-ups. Most days I’ll be in a”normal” kind of mood where I dress for comfort, but then there are days when I’ll go all out and try something a bit different!

So now I know I’m not going to be surrounded by all my clothes, I kinda wanna make the most of them while I still have them! I also want to be a bit more adventurous with my dressing, so if I happen to be in an op shop and see something that I would like to wear but wouldn’t normally, Im gna give it a go!

And thats exactly what I did when I saw this dress a couple of days ago at the Red Cross Op Shop:


This is a TopShop dress that I saw shoved over a rack, peaking out from under another dress… like someone had tried to hide it…I saw the pattern and it looked like something I wouldnt normally wear, but I really like the design and its a pretty, easy to wear dress.


Unfortunatly I have a weird shaped head. You cant really tell from looking at me (well I hope not?!?), but I really feel that I have to be having a super good head and hair day to be able to pull off wearing a head scarf. These days are few and far between (dammit!), because I love accessories, and have sooo many head scarfs! Maybe its all just in my weird shaped head, and its not that weird…I hope so!


I have a thing for skulls, so couldnt pass up this awesome skull tee!!

And my fav purchase of the day… :


How cute is this daisy brooch!!!?? I’m in love ♡♡

And guess how much all these items cost…??

$5!! YIP, Im not kidding! They had a half price sale on, so I found all the clothing items, went to go and pay (it came to $4), then saw the daisy brooch and got the lot for $5!!

Not a bad haul huh?!…


Being the semi anal clean freak that I am, I washed my phone.  This was totally an accident actually. I was doing a big load of washing and piled all the dirty washing on the bed. My phone was unfortunately (or fortunately depending on what way you look at it..) hiding under all of the mess, and when I gathered it all up to take down to the laundry and dump it into the washing machine – in went my phone.

I only realised this after about 15mins of searching in my room and calling it (“I’m sorry your phone is out of the GSM range”) and then realised where it was. Of course the machine had already been filled up with water at this stage and as it only had a few minutes left I thought I may as well leave it in there for the spin cycle – Not that this helped.

Anyways, I’m a strong believer that everything happens for a reason, even the cruddy things. So being my optimistic self I looked on the bright side – new phone time! My phone was starting to annoy me a bit by freezing and going slow etc. so I wasn’t totally guttered.

I had an android phone which when it came out a year ago was $800 (Not that I paid that – got it free when I upgraded my plan;) ), so I claimed insurance on it seeing as it was quite expensive.

So I picked up my phone this afternoon and what a lovely surprise – I’ve been upgraded!! I love it when things like that happen. Then I went into The Warehouse to get a photo printed and found a gorgeous pair of pants for $9.98!  Cheaper than my lunch!

I decided I can’t let this awesome day stop, so I stopped and got a deliciously refreshing Ice cream on the way home from “The Strawberry Patch” – they make it fresh for you with their hand-picked strawberries, blueberries and boysenberries – YUM!

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Happy Sunday everyone!!

Peace & Love xox


Kieran and I are saving to go on our OE next year, and I’m really enjoying watching my savings start to pile up. Unfortunately, I’m sad to say it has taken me 24 years to learn how to do this properly! But now I know what I’m doing, much to Kieran’s delight, my wardrobe has stopped growing! But… every now and again a girl needs to treat herself…right?! I stopped in at one of my local hot-spot Hospice Shops on Tuesday and wasn’t dissapointed with what they had in store. I got all the above items for, wait for it…. $13!! Hand crafted shoes made in New Zealand: $4, hot-right-now mustard colour scarf/pashmina:$4 & the awesome extra large printed Houndstooth woollen jumper: $5! Plus I also bought my mum what looks to be like an unworn, fully lined and woollen ‘Icebreaker’ jacket which originally would have cost roughly my weeks income! I don’t know what possess some people to throw out such mint, gorgeous clothes. But I hope they keep doing it!! Peace & Love xx

I’m sure that at some stage during their lives, all women can relate to opening their wardrobes and feeling like they have NOTHING to wear, however big their wardrobes are.

I come across this problem almost every week. At one stage, although I was shopping more than I’d like to admit, I still felt like I had nothing to wear.

This is why I thought I would blog about it, because I know how much of a pain it is to feel like this, and NOT be able to afford to go shopping every week! I have thought of a few ways around this perpetual problem, so hopefully some of the following tips can help you get out of your wardrobe rut!

  1. Display Your Clothes and/or Accessories: I have found this to be hugely helpful, as often when I buy something new, I wear it to death for a few weeks, then I bury it in the depths of my wardrobe somewhere and poof…it’s gone! Having your scarves neatly piled as if on display, or your jewellery clearly presented shows you what you have so a) you don’t forget, and b) when your dressing you know straight away what options you have for making up your outfit.

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As you can see from these pictures I have used ordinary objects from around my home to display my wares… A cork board which I painted black to display my jewellery (I find black allows me to see everything better, especially with the gold thumb tacks, so even if I have a black necklace, I know there’s something hanging there. Of course you can always paint your cork board to brighten up your room and match your decor). I have just used your average skirt or trouser hanger to drape small scarves, handbags and hang beanies off. Mine and Kieran’s room is a bit on the small side, so I’ve just hung this from the curtain rail. And lastly, I have just piled my scarves up on top of some cubes I bought from the warehouse for $10 each which I house my face creams, deodorant and perfumes etc.

  1. Colour Co-ordinate Your Wardrobe: This may sound anal, but honestly, I’ve been doing this for the past 5 years at least, and it is so super helpful! I’m big into colour co-ordination when dressing, and instead of rifling through my clothes to find something that matches, I just go straight to the section of colour that goes… so simple, yet so effective!
  2. Keep Up To Date With What You Actually Have: I move around a lot, and unfortunately I seem to keep downsizing on my wardrobes every new house! Just a couple of weeks ago I managed to take 4 (yes FOUR!) supermarket bags, full to the hospice. I was totally amazed at what I had in my wardrobe that I hadn’t worn in the last 8-12 months. I say 8 months as a minimum, as sometimes you may have missed a season due to travel, or the weather was not your usual, which is not uncommon in Auckland!
  3. Do Your Research: There are so many ways to discover what’s in and out in the fashion world. Countless blogs and websites show us what people all around the world are wearing. When I’m feeling uninspired by what my wardrobe has to offer, I jump online and see what’s out there. If I see an outfit I like, I try and break it down to see what it is made up of so I can try and piece together a similar outfit with things I already own. This allows me to have a fresh set of eyes and keeps things exciting, without having to spend a thing! Some websites I find inspiration from are:
  1. 5.     Staple Items: Of course every wardrobe needs it staple items. These are those items that last from season to season. The comfy pair of black jeans, neutral singlet’s and tee’s that go with the ‘in’ colours of the season, and of course some black and tan heels and boots, and a comfy jacket.

One of the many valuable lesson’s my mum taught me when I was younger, was that spending a bit more money on  clothes or shoes that will last you more than a year, is never a waste of money. Being a student I do find it hard to justify spending hundreds of dollars on anything really, but I know that when I see the perfect (leather!) boots, I know it would be a good investment.


These Kathryn Wilson Jimmy boots are my favourite! I’ve had these boots for at least 5 years now. They are what I would consider to be an investment piece, as they are not something you would buy every week, but they still look amazing, and the quality is impeccable. My first job was at Caroline Sills down in Devonport and Kathryn is one of the designers for their numerous labels, as well as her own. She has an amazing eye for design and her shoes are timeless and so worth their money. She also has a label called Miss Wilson which is her more accessible label which has shoes and boots under $399.

Check out her gorgeous shoes:

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this, I have really enjoyed writing it and would love to hear how you get your inspiration, what you use to display your clothes or any feedback you’d like to share.

Peace and Love!


Thank goodness for long weekends!! I’ve had a full on week, being at university doing summer school 9am-4pm every day has worn me out! Definitely not used to those long hours… being a student I am very spoiled with how much free time I have. My normal week would normally play out like this:

Mon:  Work 7-9am, Uni 11am-4pm.

Tues: Uni 8am-5pm

Wedns:  Work 7-9am, FREE TIME, Work 3-7:30pm

Thurs: Work 7-9am, FREE TIME, Work 3-7:30pm

Fri: Work 7-9am FREE TIME….

Most of that FREE TIME would normally have been taken up by Op Shopping, having coffee with friends, visiting my sister and niece or when assignments are due, studying! Kicking off the year with this block course has been great, as it helps me to achieve one of my new year resolutions!

This year my new year’s resolutions are:

  1. Save some money (however small) every week
  2. Get my British passport

So far the savings thing is going well. Quite often if I have money in my account I will take it out so I know exactly how much money I have, and when I hand it over to buy something I’m more conscious of it leaving my possession, and therefore hopefully WON’T spend it on things I don’t really, really need or want. In the last few months I made a conscious effort not to buy anymore clothes, and my spending dropped dramatically! Who would have thought… I guess what I found so easy was that because most of my shopping is done in Op-Shops, everything is so cheap, so spending $20 in one shop would normally get me 2-3 items and then I might do that at three different places and bye-bye $$$!

This year I’m making a conscious effort not to spend money on things I don’t need and only buy new clothes if I actually need them! I read an article that said if you feel like you don’t have anything to wear, before you go shopping, go on some blog sites because quite often you’ll see things you already have, just styled a different way. This is a great idea, because now whenever I see a nice outfit in a mag or on someone else, I break it down and see what pieces I have, or how I could make it work with pieces that I do have and are similar.

I also love accessories, and have a good collection of earrings, necklaces, scarves, belts, and of course, shoes!! Having staple items like a good black jacket and shoes, a tan belt and heels and scarves can make such a difference for really finishing off an outfit. I recently bought these gorgeous shoes (for a bargain at $20) from a new shop I found in Takapuna when out with Fay yesterday. Both having excellent taste, naturally we both brought a pair.


This has happened a few times now, but luckily our style is slightly different. For example, we both fell in love with the gorgeous Espadrilles that Country Road bought out at the beginning of summer and had to have a pair. But where I opted for a bright coral/orange & beige pair, she got the black and beige. This is good because we can wear them at the same time without looking like we’re 14year old BFF’s.

I don’t think that I know any woman that has a partner/husband and doesn’t take up 80% or more of their closet space. Personally, I have 90% of the rack, and both the shelves above. And this is even after a HUGE downsize from having this AMAZING wardrobe when I lived with the family I nanny for:

Unfortunately I’ve downsized to one the size of, probably just one of the racks. That’s ok though because as I was going through all my clothes, I realised I hardly wore any of them anyway! I had a huge clear out and even though I sometimes feel like I have nothing to wear, it’s just a good excuse to get creative with what I already have. If I have a night out with the girls or a date with my man, I often think the day before about what my closet has to offer me and how I can make it a bit more exciting with my accessories. Never underestimate the power of a belt!!

I am going to the Titirangi Markets tomorrow morning and will take my camera and wallet, so will hopefully have something interesting to write about and some interesting photos to show you.

Peace and Love