Belated Birthday

This weekend was a long weekend in Auckland, as we had Auckland Anniversary on the Monday. Recently my big sister moved to a little town an hour outside of our capital (Wellington), so being a long weekend mum and I decided it would be a great time to go down for a visit. They have been staying with some family down there, but looking for a house to rent, and it just so happened that they found a house and were moving in the same weekend we were going down.

Mum was able to help them move in and get organised, but my job was muuuuch more important. I got to look after my most favourite little girl in the whole world. My niece Madeleine.


As you can see, she is the cutest little girl you would have probably ever seen. Not that I’m biased or anything.

Aside from seeing Moo (Madeleines nickname, not a farm animal), Nikki, mum and I were going to celebrate mums birthday down there, as it was on the 7th of Jan and Nikki had already moved down by then.

There are a few really lovely restaurant & cafes in Waikanae, which is where Nikkis gorgeous new house is, but we decided to try out Long Beach for a bite to eat on mums ‘belated birthday’.

Yum Yum!! One thing I love about going to new places is trying new food. It’s always exciting experiencing a new restaurant or cafe and reading all the scrumptious things they have on offer. One thing I love about going out with my friends and family, is that they are all willing to share. I always wish I could try everything on the menu, but I am noooo way near financially able to do that, and I quite like being able to fit into the clothes I own!

For dinner I had the Slow Roasted Pork Belly with Apricots, and mum and Nik had the Fish n Chips. Not your typical F’n’C – a gajillion times Better!!!


Long Beach Dinners

I hope everyone in Auckland had an awesome Long Weekend & you spent it with people you love – like I did.

Back to work tomorrow…

Peace xo


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