Girly Minty Jumper Blanket

Mint is everywhere at the moment!! Everyones blog has some reference to it, whether it be in fashion for the home or body – and I love it! Its such a lovely colour that goes with loads of others, including my fav…Tan!

I recently bought this delicious jumper/shrug/cardi thing, that I feel has completed my in-between wardrobe. You know the one, where youre warm, but still a bit cool, but too hot for a proper jumper..confusing!! This ‘thing’ is perfect, and what I love about it is that its actually like wearing a blanket! You can snuggle up on the couch with it, wrap it around your self and thoroughly enjoy that cuppa tea you just made yourself!


What do you think of the tan and mint combo?


For my mani I used Orly “Girly” & Ruby “Minty” … opps, just realied that I took my OPI “Princesses Rule!” In the photo! They literally have the same effect so you could use either. My sister got me the Minty for my birthday, I love it!!

True to my new goal of sharing fabulous blogs with you all, here is my pick of cool blog  (click here), where the creator Laurel has chosen some fab fashion items that are all, you guessed it – Mint!!




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