Happy Bunny

After a long weekend doing a whole lot of nothin’, I’m feeling very relaxed and back on top of all the bugs and sickness that have tried to bring me down lately – boom!

My Easter Friday started off working, which being a nanny, to be honest is not a bad way to start a holiday. I took the kids to a special Easter Service at their church, where they had an hour choir practice to start with, so unfortunately I had to find an open cafe and enjoy a nice coffee before going back up to the church and watching the performance of how Jesus ended up on the cross and hearing my kids sing. It was a pretty cool rendition and the kids sounded amazing!

Saturday…. hmmm… do you ever find that when you have a holiday all your days blur into one?? Im pretty sure Kieran and I just hung out at home and didnt do a whole lot! On Sunday afternoon, I do remember that Kieran and I went out fishin with my dad. It was an absolute blast! We havn’t been out on the boat for way too long so was great to get out on the water again with me old man! There was a massive low heading over the land while we we’re out on the sea, and it looked magic looking back at the land which had dark black clouds looming over it:


Kieran was like a fish master, and pretty much everytime he dropped his line the fish jumped on it! Unfortunately they were little bubbas, so we told them to go tell their folks we had good food, and eventually got two keepers – dinner!!

Dad actually took us out for dinner, where I enjoyed a delicious creamy pasta at Ripples, Kieran had an amazing cajun burger and dad had delectable fall-off-the-bone lamb shanks – YUM!

So Monday night we cooked the fish up and I tried a recipe I havnt used before, where you use seasoned cornflour to batter the fish instead of flour. I couldnt really taste a noticable difference, but it was nice and neutral so the fish really stood out. At the end of the recipe it said to put balsamic vinegar in the pan, where youd already put garlic, rosemary and olive oil, and then let it burn off till its reduced to half, and then you add lemon juice. I really didnt find this part of the recipe very good, as it also said to put the garlic into a hot pan, where it just burnt, so it was pretty much a waste. Luckily this didnt ruin the fish (Kieran would have killed me!), so we both thoroughly enjoyed our freshly caught meal!


Was really pleased to see that Kieran didnt consume all the fish for dinner, as I bought some yummy wholemeal wraps and made a chocka-block fish wrap for lunch yesterday with the leftovers:


I had really wanted to make a parsley dressing, as my parsley is trying to take over my garden, but unfortunately I couldnt get the consistancy I wanted from using my blender or food processor. I decided to brave the Easter sales and see if Briscoes had a smaller hand-held one but all there shelves were bare and the queue was from one end of the shop to the other!

On my dinner plate you can see the little pile of green stuff which is what I made, but what I actually wanted was more of a dressing consistency that would have been runny… oh well, its more of a relish now I guess!

Hope everyone had a great Easter and enjoys a short week this week!




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