Urbis Design Day

The weekend just gone was certainly one full of two things I love – friends and freebies!! My good friend Lucy and I attended the Urbis Design Day on Saturday just gone, and because we were both Design Day virgins, we both had no idea what to expect. I had been offered some work for the same day in the afternoon and thought surely 2 hours would be enough to get around and explore all that this day had to offer…. luckily the work was cancelled because boy, it took aloooot longer than anticipated, and I certainly wouldnt want to have rushed it!!

We started off the eventful day at the Mini Cooper shop in Newmarket, and was greeted with a free sandwich and drink (darn, wish I hadnt just bought that muffin and coffee!). We explored their creative displays which showcased their minis and brought new light to why each mini is special, and how you might see yourself in them. A great start to the day.


We then got shuttled off to the next exhibit at ECC lighting and furniture, where I was in lighting heaven. More pretty, unusual and ginormous lighting than you could shake a stick at! Here they had free Nespresso coffee on offer and the most delicious organic NZ icecream you could ask for – oob!! (I’ll take an extra one for later thanks…)



Now I was all jacked up on my second coffee of the day, off to the next place! We visited a bathroom show room, which aside from the free cheese didnt really standout and offer us anything too exciting, so into the shuttle and onto the next stop – Bo Concept.

This place was fuuuun! They had free wine, George fm cranking live and get this: a section that had a rack of top-of-the-line designer clothes, models, shoes and accessories and you got to design your own photo shoot where a professional photographer then took shots in a little photoshoot and gave you a copy of it!! Heaven!! Aside from the rather pushy stylist that was there (trying) to give direction, it was awesome, and such a brilliant idea.


After this one, we went up to Parnell and saw some of David Trubridge’s stunning lighting fixtures, which are always a pleasure to look at. He hails from one of my favourite places in my beautiful country, Havelock North. I love how his designs have such a natural look about them, yet have a really sophisticated and modern effect when dangling from the ceiling. After viewing these at Backhouse, we then jumped on the shuttle again which took us to our next destination where we went through a little maze to figure out what type of font we would be.


What font are you?

After so many eye catching and creative displays around, my eyes needed a wee rest after they had been so deliciously stimulated all day! Lucy and I had a wonderful day out together and were both thoroughly surprised at how amazingly well thought out and put together this event was. We would totally recommend it for next year!



P.S. check out Urbis Magazine here, well worth a look!


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