Home Grown

There is really nothing like stepping outside your door to pick fresh herbs and veges from your own garden to add to your dinner. I love being able to do this and am lucky that my partner let my dad build me one! I love watching plants grow, there something so satisfying about helping something grow – and then eating it all!!

Hopefully we have a few sunny days around the corner so I can pick some of the lettuce and basil and make a delicious salad!


Grow your own!

A recipe I had the pleasure of trying over Christmas was a parsley dressing. We had this over chicken and it was amaaaazing!! I found a similar recipe on this neat blog I just came across called veggieful.com. I havnt tried it yet but looks goooood. Even if your not a vegan, check out their website, looks like there are oodles of delicious recipes there that you could use as side dishes to go along with a meat main.

I love exploring the web and finding neat blogs, and I love it even more when cool blogs share links for other cool blogs. I am definitely going to try and incorporate this into my blogging from now on. Through one of the many links I clicked on while blog-surfing, I came across, get this, a restaurant alllll about mac n’ cheese!! Can you believe it! What an awesome place!

Trust America, but seriously, these two clever ladies have created this funky little place that has taken mac n’ cheese to a whole. nutha’. level.

I am so excited about going to Canada in October as while Im there I hope to make many trips down south into America and visit the West Coast and some of these neat places Im finding online.  Kieran and I are just going with the flow once we get to Canada and don’t really have any set plans, but this is one thing I definitely want to look into. Any places you can recommend to visit or where to stay on a budget?

I get so excited in anticipation of things to come that I sometimes forget to live in the now, and with all our travel plans now booked Im definitely getting that way again. I still have alot of exciting things that will happen before then, like graduating university, my nieces 2nd birthday and probably many other things Im not even aware of yet!
I just need to keep telling myself to sloooooow down and breathe. Enjoy what you have while you have it and dont wish the time away!

Have a great Tuesday! Before you know it, itll be Friday again… 😉



  1. swedenole13 said:

    I’ve just started to follow your blog! We must be kindred spirits! I love Harry Potter too! Oh, and food and cooking and travel. I have been to New Zealand….it was love at first sight! Where are you going in Canada? Hopefully you will take some time to see the west coast and particularly Vancouver Island? Wonderful beaches on the west coast of the Island….Tofino, Ucluelet, Long Beach. Google images for those places and you’ll be hooked! Cheers!

    • Hello! Thanks so much:) oh I think we must be, sounds like you have good taste! We fly into Vancouver, and will hopefully find somewhere to stay near Whistler if we can get jobs there. Yes I would love to do some exploring first. Is Vancouver Island a must see?? I have two Lonely Planet books out on Canada at the mo, but havnt had a chance to sit down and have a proper read yet! Awesome thanks so much for that, lovely to hear from you 🙂

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