Sunday Sunday

Being the semi anal clean freak that I am, I washed my phone.  This was totally an accident actually. I was doing a big load of washing and piled all the dirty washing on the bed. My phone was unfortunately (or fortunately depending on what way you look at it..) hiding under all of the mess, and when I gathered it all up to take down to the laundry and dump it into the washing machine – in went my phone.

I only realised this after about 15mins of searching in my room and calling it (“I’m sorry your phone is out of the GSM range”) and then realised where it was. Of course the machine had already been filled up with water at this stage and as it only had a few minutes left I thought I may as well leave it in there for the spin cycle – Not that this helped.

Anyways, I’m a strong believer that everything happens for a reason, even the cruddy things. So being my optimistic self I looked on the bright side – new phone time! My phone was starting to annoy me a bit by freezing and going slow etc. so I wasn’t totally guttered.

I had an android phone which when it came out a year ago was $800 (Not that I paid that – got it free when I upgraded my plan;) ), so I claimed insurance on it seeing as it was quite expensive.

So I picked up my phone this afternoon and what a lovely surprise – I’ve been upgraded!! I love it when things like that happen. Then I went into The Warehouse to get a photo printed and found a gorgeous pair of pants for $9.98!  Cheaper than my lunch!

I decided I can’t let this awesome day stop, so I stopped and got a deliciously refreshing Ice cream on the way home from “The Strawberry Patch” – they make it fresh for you with their hand-picked strawberries, blueberries and boysenberries – YUM!

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Happy Sunday everyone!!

Peace & Love xox

  1. Aargh! I have done this with watches and iPods. 😦 At least you had a happy ending.

    • Oh No! Sorry to hear that:( I hope they weren’t precious heirloom watcheds or iPods full of irreplacable photos! x

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