Oh Francé!

Today was one of those indulgent days where there was absolutely no consideration of calories or any such nonsense of the sort. I’m starting to getting a bit annoyed when I see phrases like “guilt free” in front of delicious treats. Because that’s what I think they are! Treats. Not to be had every day, but when I do feel like one, I certainly don’t want to be feeling guilty about it. Especially if I’m going to be having more than one, which I usually do.

I have a ginormous sweet tooth. In fact, I’m pretty sure all my molars are ‘sweet teeth’. After every meal it doesn’t quite feel right until I’ve had a sweet little morsel to finish with. This is probably not a good habit I’ve gotten into, but I blame my Dad. He would always say to me and my sister “you can’t have desert till you’ve finished all your dinner!” – so I thought desert was this reward you got for eating all your meals, a sweet trophy that would eventually vanish.  So now I eat all my meals and give myself my little reward. At lunch time I usually have a slice of cake or even just a banana to finish with, but I just love that satisfy sweetness that says to me “well done you, you ate allllll your lunch – here, have a treat!”. Oh, go on then.

Now things like waffles, or almond croissants are things I would consider treats, so certainly wouldn’t eat every day, even though I’d like to. When I turned 19 my fast metabolism seemed to start working part time and now I have to be careful that I don’t overdo it on the fatty sugary things. I realise I’m lucky, I still have a pretty good metabolism, but I also don’t eat bad food which I think stuffs up even a really good metabolism! All of the meals I cook I use fresh produce, and if I buy take out it’s usually Thai which is full of veges anyway. My tummy can’t handle foods like McDonalds or Burger King…What a shame….Not.

I still enjoy my sweet things, but I also really enjoy exercising, so I try to keep a healthy balance.  Today I indulged all my sweet teeth and had waffles, then crepes (although it was a savoury one – bit more filling than the sweet ones), a coffee and an almond croissant! Oh la la! I didn’t eat anything sweet yesterday, so this is me balancing it out.

Try not to drool on your key board….

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Peace & Love xox


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