Felt Fanatic

It’s not long to go now until we start moving into our lovely new home, and I’m getting SO excited! The theme for bedroom is chosen and I feel like I have kept myself very restrained in buying items to it decorate with. There is a lot of DIY things that I have planned for the new pad, such as tin pencil pots made from old cans, some chairs that need a spruce up with a fresh lick of spray paint and painting an amazing trestle table desk that my clever dad made me, just to name a few…

Today the craft juices are flowing and I couldn’t put off making these cute little decorations that I’ve been meaning to for a while, yet again. I could however put off those impending assignments and get my craft on! These nifty things were so easy and the instructions that I stumbled upon on Pinterest were incredible easy so follow. I love the heart book mark because it’s such cute way to use up those little scraps of felt that you would otherwise just throw away. And the little baubles are such an effect way to decorate a kid’s bedroom, hang or put in glass vase to add a pop of colour to a room. I’ve made these to match to the colour scheme of my new bedroom. I think they would also make great Christmas decorations in red, green and white, and hung on the tree or on the front door as an alternative to a wreath.

Hope you’ve got some inspiration to go and get crafty with some felt (or anything really!). I still have lots of crafty juices flowing, so keep tuned in to see what other mischief I get up to before move in day!

Peace & Love



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