Mother Lovin’

Whenever I leave my mums house I feel like I have been rejuvenated of all the things that are close to my heart. My mum fills me with inspiration to follow my dreams, yet live in reality, work hard, yet relax and have fun, and most of all how to love unconditionally and be supportive no matter what.

If I listed all the things my mum has taught me so far I think you would find this post very boring after an hour or so… yet she is constantly surprising and inspiring me. One of the most valuable skills she has taught me (so far) is how to Op-Shop. She guided me through many an Op Shop growing up in Devonport and around the North Shore, showing me how to rummage properly and making me try the things on as “they look always different on!”. So true.

Where I nanny over the harbour bridge is quite close to her house, so often when I am asked to babysit there till late, I will just go and stay at her place after. She has a spare bedroom but I love sleeping on her comfy couch in front of the fire, which she always makes sure is roaring for me when I get there to crash out in front of. What a gal.

I decided to take her out for a yummy breaky this morning and she picked Eiffel en Eden, a French café in Mt Eden. No arguments from me. I had Eggs Benedict with Bacon (for a change…) and she had French Toast. Yum! I don’t know what they did but there French toast was miles more delicious than the ones I’ve ever made. Maybe it’s because it’s authentic…

They have a cute little shop in the corner of the café where they sell cute home wares and my lovely mama decided to buy me a treat… a gorgeous glass water carafe with a glass for my bedside table. I saw the one below in the South Island months ago by Fred and Friends and was instantly in love.


I already have the matching measuring cup set, the measuring spoons that were given to by my friend Jodie, and an awesome plastic cutlery set which is perfect for carting around uni that was given to me by my lovely sister.

I have since found it online but unfortunately it wasn’t allowed to be shipped to me to from the Amazon website. I should have bought it when I saw it down in the South Island. However, now I have this beautiful French one which will remind me of my mum, even better!Image



She also bought me this amaaaaazing Almond Croissant, which are my absolute favourite, and this one was simply perfect in every way. I wish I could eat these every day. Maybe one day I will…


A neat event my mum is taking part in next year is the Goodbye Pork Pie Run. This is a charity event where you get into a team of two and drive a mini from the top of the North Island to Invercargill in the South Island – over 2500km, in only 6 days! Money is raised along the way and donated to Starship Hospital which is has as personal connection for my family as my beautiful little niece went there for a short stint when she was a wee bubba.

The entry fees are quite steep but they include the inter-islander ferry ticket, accommodation and breakfast for the trip and a dinner celebration at the end – well deserved I’d say! To raise the funds for this my mum has put one of her many amazing talent to use– she cooks and bakes and then sells these diving goodies at her work. She is an incredible cook (I blame her for making my taste buds snobby!) and they just love the food she makes at her work. Orders are placed and everything almost always sells out! All bakery items are $2 and she sells feta and caramelized onion tarts, mushroom and bacon quiches, pumpkin, bacon and other glorious soups, sausage rolls, poppy seed and orange caks and Louise slice just to name a few. She invested in this new mixer to help her make her delectable delights. She called it Ruby.


Oh I’m getting hungry now thinking aboutmums cooking, time for dinner I think! I hope you all had a great weekend and got to share it with someone you love, like I did.

Peace & Love



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