Never Anything to Wear!

I’m sure that at some stage during their lives, all women can relate to opening their wardrobes and feeling like they have NOTHING to wear, however big their wardrobes are.

I come across this problem almost every week. At one stage, although I was shopping more than I’d like to admit, I still felt like I had nothing to wear.

This is why I thought I would blog about it, because I know how much of a pain it is to feel like this, and NOT be able to afford to go shopping every week! I have thought of a few ways around this perpetual problem, so hopefully some of the following tips can help you get out of your wardrobe rut!

  1. Display Your Clothes and/or Accessories: I have found this to be hugely helpful, as often when I buy something new, I wear it to death for a few weeks, then I bury it in the depths of my wardrobe somewhere and poof…it’s gone! Having your scarves neatly piled as if on display, or your jewellery clearly presented shows you what you have so a) you don’t forget, and b) when your dressing you know straight away what options you have for making up your outfit.

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As you can see from these pictures I have used ordinary objects from around my home to display my wares… A cork board which I painted black to display my jewellery (I find black allows me to see everything better, especially with the gold thumb tacks, so even if I have a black necklace, I know there’s something hanging there. Of course you can always paint your cork board to brighten up your room and match your decor). I have just used your average skirt or trouser hanger to drape small scarves, handbags and hang beanies off. Mine and Kieran’s room is a bit on the small side, so I’ve just hung this from the curtain rail. And lastly, I have just piled my scarves up on top of some cubes I bought from the warehouse for $10 each which I house my face creams, deodorant and perfumes etc.

  1. Colour Co-ordinate Your Wardrobe: This may sound anal, but honestly, I’ve been doing this for the past 5 years at least, and it is so super helpful! I’m big into colour co-ordination when dressing, and instead of rifling through my clothes to find something that matches, I just go straight to the section of colour that goes… so simple, yet so effective!
  2. Keep Up To Date With What You Actually Have: I move around a lot, and unfortunately I seem to keep downsizing on my wardrobes every new house! Just a couple of weeks ago I managed to take 4 (yes FOUR!) supermarket bags, full to the hospice. I was totally amazed at what I had in my wardrobe that I hadn’t worn in the last 8-12 months. I say 8 months as a minimum, as sometimes you may have missed a season due to travel, or the weather was not your usual, which is not uncommon in Auckland!
  3. Do Your Research: There are so many ways to discover what’s in and out in the fashion world. Countless blogs and websites show us what people all around the world are wearing. When I’m feeling uninspired by what my wardrobe has to offer, I jump online and see what’s out there. If I see an outfit I like, I try and break it down to see what it is made up of so I can try and piece together a similar outfit with things I already own. This allows me to have a fresh set of eyes and keeps things exciting, without having to spend a thing! Some websites I find inspiration from are:
  1. 5.     Staple Items: Of course every wardrobe needs it staple items. These are those items that last from season to season. The comfy pair of black jeans, neutral singlet’s and tee’s that go with the ‘in’ colours of the season, and of course some black and tan heels and boots, and a comfy jacket.

One of the many valuable lesson’s my mum taught me when I was younger, was that spending a bit more money on  clothes or shoes that will last you more than a year, is never a waste of money. Being a student I do find it hard to justify spending hundreds of dollars on anything really, but I know that when I see the perfect (leather!) boots, I know it would be a good investment.


These Kathryn Wilson Jimmy boots are my favourite! I’ve had these boots for at least 5 years now. They are what I would consider to be an investment piece, as they are not something you would buy every week, but they still look amazing, and the quality is impeccable. My first job was at Caroline Sills down in Devonport and Kathryn is one of the designers for their numerous labels, as well as her own. She has an amazing eye for design and her shoes are timeless and so worth their money. She also has a label called Miss Wilson which is her more accessible label which has shoes and boots under $399.

Check out her gorgeous shoes:

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this, I have really enjoyed writing it and would love to hear how you get your inspiration, what you use to display your clothes or any feedback you’d like to share.

Peace and Love!


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  1. I hate those days when you can’t find anything to wear, even outfits that you’ve loved wearing before don’t work for you! That’s when the mountain of clothing on the floor begins, hehe.

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