May Already!

Hello old friend, it has been awhile!

My my, I can’t believe that it is May already! I’ve almost finished my another year at uni, (I started half way through in July) only 6 weeks to go and then 3 weeks holiday. Then only ONE year to go, I am SO super excited!  This year has been a busy one already, lots of exciting things have happened, and are still to come. Lucy, a close friend from school, got married in April and had a gorgeous wedding at her mum’s house in Remuera. Both of them have a fabulous eye for design, so along with the bride, everything was just beautiful. Here are some of the photos I took in between snacking on the amazing hors d’oeuvres and staring at my spunky man all dressed up!


Now me being a poor student, out of necesity I often try and make peoples gifts for birthdays or other special occasion. I do love making presents and cards for loved ones though, as then they have something that I’ve physically put time and effort into. More often than not, I’ve just seen something I’ve personally really liked and think how I could make it. Then if it is someone’s birthday or wedding, it’s just a good excuse to see if I can make it. For Lucy’s wedding I decided to make her this gorgeous piece of art I found in a neat craft book I bought.   This is what the picture looked like, and there were two short paragraphs on how to make it. So simple I thought. How wrong I was….

Disaster!! It honestly took me about 3-4 hours (no exaggeration!!). This gift not only had love poured into it, but sweat and a few tears.

This is what it turned out like, which still isn’t perfect but I like the overall effect.

I couldn’t for the life of me understand the instructions that were in the book I had bought, and neither could my dad, who is a very clever builder, so that made me feel slightly less stupid. Thankfully I eventually managed to find some more comprehensible instructions online, which saved me because I was SO close to giving up!   this is the link to the website which also had some other neat craft ideas on it. For Lucy’s piece I have used gardener’s twine, which was one of the elements she included throughout her wedding, on the invites and on the napkins.

It was such an amazing day, we have been friends for over 10 years now and I felt so blessed to be invited to her special day.

I know her and her partner Ben will definitely have a Disney happy ending (it helps that they went there on their honeymoon!)

Peace and Love xx

  1. Robin said:

    Just gorgeous. Super blog and cool hearing about the love put into the wedding gift (after the tears) x

    • Thanks Robin! hehe yea, so worth it tho for such a special guy and gal!xx

  2. I absolutely love our gift – it’s one of my faves! You’re so thoughtful with your gifts Rhi, I love the creativity that goes into them. Love your work 🙂

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