Wandering Gypsy Wandering Again…


Finally I can write again now it is post-assignment writing time! My my, that was a trying time. I was writing an assignment about a completely new topic (Rudolf Steiner Education), which led to many a book reading and research and very little time for anything else. Hence the extremely long gap between posts. Or is it blogs? I get confused with what these are called. I have a blog but I post on it, is that right? Anyways, exciting stuff has been happening in the world of four eyes and train tracks! I’m currently located in a small little town at the top of the South Island called Mapua. It is a very quaint little town, with less than a dozen shops, and two pubs and a brewery. Priorities!

Mapua is a very beautiful place though and it is situated right next to an estuary which at high tide, has a strong current and gushes out toward the sea. I am yet to see this but I will witness it before I leave. Mapua, Motueka and other surrounding areas are the perfect environments for apple growing, so down on the wharf there are these stunning old apple sheds that have been converted into shops. They have an amazing art gallery in one, and the sales assistant informed me that the same items are also sold in Auckland. She also informed me that the person who sells the art in Auckland has to buy them at retail, so the price in Auckland is over double what you can buy it for in the shop here! Good to know…

My reason for staying in Mapua is not to buy cheap art and drink at a different pub each night unfortunately, I am here on a placement at the Motueka Rudolf Steiner School. Motueka is 19km’s away from Mapua and I have been wanting to bike to Motueka, but alas the weather was not perfect last Saturday when I was planning on doing the treacherous ride, so I may not be able to accomplish that goal this trip (so sad).  I have been doing Yoga one day a week for the last 3 weeks I’ve been here and am enjoying it immensely!  I will be looking at continuing this when I get back into Auckland, so if anyone knows at good Yoga place on the North Shore, please let me know.

This week we had a rather interesting position thrown at us. One woman freaked out a bit and passed, but I was feeling adventurous and although I had just eaten an ice-cream, I thought I’d take the risk of seeing it pop up again. We had to put our head in between two chairs that were next to a wall, with our shoulders resting on the seat with cushion pads for extra support. We then flicked our legs up (with some much needed help from the instructor) so that our backs were against the wall and we were upside down. I really didn’t like the look of the rather flimsy looking fold up chairs, but they did the trick, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this right now! It was an odd feeling being upside down, as I don’t know about you but it’s not something I experience regularly. After we felt comfortable being upside down, resting on our shoulders, with our heads hanging down in between the chairs, the challenge was to move your hands up off the chair and point your fingers at the ceiling. It was a pretty amazing feeling to put so much trust into your core, so that you stayed up right, and didn’t topple over. I hope I can find a Yoga class back home that is this challenging!

Well, I will leave this entry as is, as I am sure there was something I had to do… oh yea, I’m going to the pub!

Peace and Love



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