Never Ending Wardrobe

Thank goodness for long weekends!! I’ve had a full on week, being at university doing summer school 9am-4pm every day has worn me out! Definitely not used to those long hours… being a student I am very spoiled with how much free time I have. My normal week would normally play out like this:

Mon:  Work 7-9am, Uni 11am-4pm.

Tues: Uni 8am-5pm

Wedns:  Work 7-9am, FREE TIME, Work 3-7:30pm

Thurs: Work 7-9am, FREE TIME, Work 3-7:30pm

Fri: Work 7-9am FREE TIME….

Most of that FREE TIME would normally have been taken up by Op Shopping, having coffee with friends, visiting my sister and niece or when assignments are due, studying! Kicking off the year with this block course has been great, as it helps me to achieve one of my new year resolutions!

This year my new year’s resolutions are:

  1. Save some money (however small) every week
  2. Get my British passport

So far the savings thing is going well. Quite often if I have money in my account I will take it out so I know exactly how much money I have, and when I hand it over to buy something I’m more conscious of it leaving my possession, and therefore hopefully WON’T spend it on things I don’t really, really need or want. In the last few months I made a conscious effort not to buy anymore clothes, and my spending dropped dramatically! Who would have thought… I guess what I found so easy was that because most of my shopping is done in Op-Shops, everything is so cheap, so spending $20 in one shop would normally get me 2-3 items and then I might do that at three different places and bye-bye $$$!

This year I’m making a conscious effort not to spend money on things I don’t need and only buy new clothes if I actually need them! I read an article that said if you feel like you don’t have anything to wear, before you go shopping, go on some blog sites because quite often you’ll see things you already have, just styled a different way. This is a great idea, because now whenever I see a nice outfit in a mag or on someone else, I break it down and see what pieces I have, or how I could make it work with pieces that I do have and are similar.

I also love accessories, and have a good collection of earrings, necklaces, scarves, belts, and of course, shoes!! Having staple items like a good black jacket and shoes, a tan belt and heels and scarves can make such a difference for really finishing off an outfit. I recently bought these gorgeous shoes (for a bargain at $20) from a new shop I found in Takapuna when out with Fay yesterday. Both having excellent taste, naturally we both brought a pair.


This has happened a few times now, but luckily our style is slightly different. For example, we both fell in love with the gorgeous Espadrilles that Country Road bought out at the beginning of summer and had to have a pair. But where I opted for a bright coral/orange & beige pair, she got the black and beige. This is good because we can wear them at the same time without looking like we’re 14year old BFF’s.

I don’t think that I know any woman that has a partner/husband and doesn’t take up 80% or more of their closet space. Personally, I have 90% of the rack, and both the shelves above. And this is even after a HUGE downsize from having this AMAZING wardrobe when I lived with the family I nanny for:

Unfortunately I’ve downsized to one the size of, probably just one of the racks. That’s ok though because as I was going through all my clothes, I realised I hardly wore any of them anyway! I had a huge clear out and even though I sometimes feel like I have nothing to wear, it’s just a good excuse to get creative with what I already have. If I have a night out with the girls or a date with my man, I often think the day before about what my closet has to offer me and how I can make it a bit more exciting with my accessories. Never underestimate the power of a belt!!

I am going to the Titirangi Markets tomorrow morning and will take my camera and wallet, so will hopefully have something interesting to write about and some interesting photos to show you.

Peace and Love



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