I took Spanish for half a year in my last year at school, and since then have really enjoyed feeling like I learnt something from school and use the little (un poco)! vocab I know where ever possible.

Something funny I just noticed, the abbreviation for Four Eyes and Train Tracks is FEATT!

Now, there is something you should know about me from the get-go, and because I’m studying to be a teacher this is quite shameful, but… I’m terrible at spelling!! I am trying my best to improve, but unfortunately some things do escape the genius device that is Spell Check, and one word that  always gets me is definitely. Well, I’ve got it right now… but if you see it spelt as defiantly, well you’ll get the idea.

On Friday I finally had a free-ish day (after a now rather excruciating visit to the Orthodontist) so decided to go and do something I havn’t done all year. I’m quite proud of myself about this because at one point, this was more of an addiction than a casual hobby. I went Op-Shopping!!

It was well worth the wait as well!

I found these neat old books at the Salvation army in New Lynn and got them for 50c each! I then went and caught up with my big sister and darling niece Moo-Moo (Madeleine is her real name, Nikki’s not a farmer or cow-lover) and we went to the Warehouse and got the white frames for $8 for a set of two, so overall the pictures only cost $18 for all four! God I’ve missed Op-Shopping!

After spending a good 3 hours with my girls, I then stopped at two more Op-Shops on the way home (he he!)…

I found this vintage outfit and just fell in love with the colour! It didn’t come with a slip, so was incredibly see through and looked a little bit too modest for me, being well below the knee, but I could definitely see the potential! I love the matching jacket, shoulder pads and all! When I got home I took the scissors to it and now I have a matching head band, aww…

I don’t fancy myself as a very good photographer, and sometimes I think things are maybe just a bit cooler than they actually are, so please help me out and give me some feedback on what you think of my ‘wanna-be’ arty photos! Below is an example using a red sweater I also found at the Op-Shop (yes the same day, it’s been awhile ok!)

So there we are, at the end of another weekend and my first blog! I hope you’ve  enjoyed it as much as I have… Talk soon!


Four Eyes and Train Tracks


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